Online videoAccessible for everyone!

De future is accessible!

You really have something to say and no one should miss a thing. So you make your videos accessible to everyone. With our software you can easily add subtitles, audio description and a text alternative to your video. This means you fully comply with the guidelines for digital web accessibility in accordance with the WCAG 2.1.

By activating the CC button on the video, the subtitles are displayed. If you choose AD, you can listen to the audio description. When the text alternative is expanded you can read all the information in the video.

As you can hear in the example above, uses a synthetic voice for the audio description (AD). So you don't have to be a voice actor or need recording equipment to add video audio description to you. We offer you the choice of different voices. Very handy.

Accessible playback

Not every online video player is suitable to offer the extra audio description, subtitles or the text alternative. therefore developed an accessible player that makes this possible as you could see above. With the special AD and CC buttons, the user can activate these extra layers themselves and someone can read the information from the video underneath the video by opening the text alternative. This video player is freely available and you can implement it on your website by means of a piece of code.

100% access to your videos

Get started yourself

You can try our intuitive software free of charge, so you can get started right away. Learn the basic rules in the tutorials. Then open the link to your YouTube in our editor and produce all accessibility files instantly. Download the result. Publish the video yourself fully accessible using our free video player.

Take out a subscription

If you take out a subscription with us, you get access to even more options. For example, you can immediately prepare your files for your website and also work as a team with the videos. Very easy if more people have to work with it.

Hire our PRO's

Our professionals make your video 100% accessible. Send us your video (link) and we will make a suitable offer based on your wishes for the production of the subtitles, the audio description and the text alternative. We deliver exactly what is needed for optimal accessibility.

Can't wait to get to know is the one stop shop to make your video accessible. So don't wait any longer and get started. You can download the software for free test the software for free before you choose a subscription. Do you first want a demonstration or explanation of what actually is and how it works? Contact us then we will schedule a demonstration for you. 

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