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Our subscriptions in a nutshell

Every day, hundreds of thousands of online videos are created and placed on the internet, ranging from daily video blogs to monthly company updates and more. As a creator, you would obviously like everyone to be able to understand and experience the complete content of your videos. Audio description and subtitles are essential in this respect., the one-stop shop, allows you to take care of any and all accessibility issues you may have.

If you would like to first find out how works, or if you only create a few videos per year, you have the option to register for a free starter account. This gives you full access to the online environment and allows you to download the files at a fee of € 40. These files can then be used to place your accessible video on your own website. However, once downloaded, you will not be able to edit the video anymore.

The other option is to choose from one of our subscriptions, with the additional benefit that your files will be hosted, or our professionals will get to work for you to deliver the necessary files ready-to-use. Click on the buttons below for more information.

Verwijzing naar het basic abonnement  voor € 600 per jaar voor 20 videoprojecten. Inclusief Web en Email support
Verwijzing naar het basic hosted abonnement voor € 850 per jaar voor 20 videoprojecten. Inclusief Web en Email support en hosting met 25GB opslag
Verwijzing naar het pro abonnement voor € 1.100 per jaar voor 50 videoprojecten. Inclusief Priority support
Verwijzing naar het pro hosted abonnement voor € 1.700 per jaar voor 50 videoprojecten. Inclusief Priority support en hosting met 75GB opslag
Verwijzing naar het Royal abonnement met een customprijs. De ellerbeste service geheel afgestemd op jouw wensen
Verwijzing naar het All-in abonnement van € 3.600 per jaar. Wij maken jou videobesatnden volledig toegankelijk en klaar voor publicatie.

Would you like some personal advice on the best subscription for you?
We are happy to help!

Put us to work

If you do want to make your videos accessible, but feel reluctant to do this yourself, our PRO's are happy to help. They will enhance your video and deliver ready-to-use files that allow you to post your video online in an accessible way.

Translate your video into sign language

Do you want to make your video even more accessible? Have it translated into sign language and make sure that it is accessible for everyone. You can request a quote from us and after approval one of our sign language interpreters will get started for you

Do you also want to make a difference for 1.7 million people with disabilities in the Netherlands? Then working at may be the job for you.

Don't wait! Have a look at our vacancies to see whether your dream job, secondary job, or internship is open for applications now. We would love for you to become part of our team. Of course, unsolicited applications are always welcome, too!

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