Sign Language VideoTo really make your video 100% accessible

Sign language is a recognized language, the mother tongue of most deaf people. By enriching your video with an interpreter's gestures, it will be better understood by people who are deaf. Especially for videos with an informative function, the addition of sign language is an important addition. If your video includes sign language, you meet the AAA label of the WCAG regulations.

We can help

By collaborating with a number of sign language interpreters, we can, in addition to the audio description and subtitles in our tooling, also help you translate your video into gestures. We have the video translated by a (deaf) sign language interpreter. All spoken text is then converted live into sign language and recorded in front of a screen. This will produce a video with the same length as your original video.

The video that is created with this can be added as an extra file to your video in our accessible player. After adding the video, the gesture video icon will appear in the player. A user can then choose to show it or not. The sign language interpreter will then be shown next to the video.


Producing a sign video contains
a fixed cost of € 200.00 per video
and a variable price of € 75.00 per minute (rounded up to whole minutes)

A video of 2.43 minutes costs € 200.00 + (3x € 75.00) = € 425.00

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