MagazinePioneers speak

For an accessible future we need champions, visionaries, people and organizations who pioneer and show the rest of society that it can be done, and how.

Who are those pioneers? What drives them? What lessons can we learn from them and what inspiration do they provide? We have spoken with a number of these champions and are happy to share their passionate stories with you in a magazine.

The pioneers in this magazine

  • Michiel Muller – co-founder Picnic
  • Jake Abma – Chief Accessibility ING
  • Mariska Noorloos and Joost Nagtzaam – NS
  • Ida van Asselt and Carla Cornelissen – HAN
  • Rick Brink - Minister of Disability Affairs

Ben je benieuwd naar alle verhalen? Download dan hieronder het magazine als PDF-bestand en ga er maar even lekker voor zitten.

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