Scribit ProfessionalsIf you prefer to have the work done for you has a team of professionals ready to make your videos accessible for you. They are specialized in creating subtitles, audio description and sign language videos. You just need to submit your video and they will do the rest. You will receive ready-to-use files that can immediately be posted with your video.

We offer two different services:

  1. Audio and visual translations
  2. Sign language translations

Audio and visual translations

Our professionals will provide your video with audio description to help people with a visual impairment to follow your video. In addition, they will create subtitles for the video that include descriptions of important sounds. In this way, the video is also easy to follow for people with a hearing impairment.

You can avail yourself of this service by taking out an all-in subscription, but it is also possible to purchase the service for a single project only. Below you will find an overview of our fees.


Up to 5 business days

€ 100 per project
€ 45 per minute of video


Up to 5 business days

€ 100 per project
€ 85 per minute of video


Within 1 day

€ 100 per project
€ 100 per minute of video

(All our fees are net of VAT)

Sign language translations

Our (deaf) professionals translate the spoken content of your video into sign language. This is the best way for people with a hearing impairment to follow the video.

This service is not part of a subscription and can only be booked separately.

Would you like to become a professional yourself? Great!

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