We feel like winners

Last Thursday evening was the final of the Rabo Sustainable Innovation Prize. Full of excitement we followed the webinar at RTL where the announcement of the winner of our category Vital community & Care was announced. Scribit pro was introduced in the program with a nice promo. View the result below.

Concullega Bilihome took the prize; an innovation in which a special jacket has been developed that can emit blue light. This allows premature babies to receive that treatment outside the incubator.
Well, babies, of course we can't beat that. We therefore wholeheartedly award this prize to Bilihome.

Unfortunately, the public award also passed our noses. The Netherlands has clearly embraced the innovations with regard to meat substitutes, because Rival Foods managed to get the most votes with their meat substitute.

Still, we went home as winners. We managed to reach the top 9 of the more than 300 submissions. We are very proud of that.

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