Audio description

What is audio description?

Audio description is also called visual description. It makes visual information accessible to people with a visual impairment or people who need auditory support in order to be able to understand visual information. Think of videos, films and series, but also (theatrical) performances, museums, events and sports competitions. A voice describes what can be seen in a concise and clear manner during natural pauses in the audio. An audio description describes speakers, characters or players, their actions, body language and facial expressions and it pictures time and locations; all visual elements that tell the story accompanied by the sounds. 


You can watch this video with audio description by clicking the ‘AD’ button. This way the audio description will be played. Close your eyes and experience it yourself.

At Scribit.Pro we are pros in audio description for online video. Our foolproof software enables you to easily add audio description to your video’s. You certainly don’t need to be a voice actor or to hire one. The Scribit.Pro editor transposes your audio description directly into a synthetic voice over.

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Adding audio description to your video using the Scribit.Pro editor

You would like to add audio description to an existing video. First of all it is important to determine whether that video needs audio description to begin with. If so, the next thing to ask yourself is whether or not the video is suitable for adding audio description. Is it possible to fit audio description in the video? Can you make a sufficient video description in the given time?

If the video is indeed suitable for audio description, upload it to your ‘dashboard’. This way the video will open in the Scribit.Pro editor. This online software enables you to create audio description in ‘CC’ blocks in parts of the video where there is room for a description. Enter your audio description in the text input field and check if your text fits within the time available, by playing the voice-over. If not the case, adjust the text by rephrasing or

condensing sentences. You cannot make the voice speak any faster or slower. In case the synthetic voice mispronounces your text, write words phonetically to manipulate the pronunciation. Also make sure there are no typing or spelling errors.

Once you are done describing your entire video, you can download the files. You will receive an .mp3 file for the audio description, which is of the same length as your video file. The two can be played simultaneously in Scribit.Pro’s accessible video player. If you have a Scribit.Pro hosted subscription, you can also download a mixed .mp3 file, where the audio description and the audio of the video are combined into one audio file. You can offer this file as a multi-language, when using a video player that supports this.