Accessible video content: fast and easy with Scribit.Pro

The best scenario is that all of your online videos are being viewed by everyone. But then, every viewer must be enabled to watch them in the first place. By adding audio description, subtitles and a text alternative to your video, viewers with a visual, auditory or cognitive impairment, or people with reading difficulties or autism are also able to understand your video. You have come to the right place: at Scribit.Pro we turn videos into accessible videos.

Make my videos accessible
How does it work?
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If you don't have the time to make your video accessible yourself, Scribit.Pro comes to the rescue. All you need to do is send us your video and we'll do the rest. In no time you can publish your accessible video together with the ready-made supporting files.

Audio description, subtitles, text alternatives or a sign translation? Or the whole caboodle, as soon as possible? Consider it done. 

Fast and reliable service

Scribit.Pro turns your video into an accessible video. We’re speedy, skilled and professional. Our pros are here to help.

We'll take care of everything

No time to delve into the guidelines for digital accessibility? We have already done that for you. With Scribit.Pro services, your video content fully complies with WCAG, the guidelines of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. You do your thing producing videos, we handle this..

Ready before you know it

On a strict deadline? No problem. We can provide your video with supporting files within 24 hours.

Choose the subscription that fits your needs

There is always a subscription that suits your situation. Are you in doubt about the best option or do you have special requests? Schedule an appointment and we'll make a custom subscription.

  • "We send the video, and Scribit.Pro does the rest. This is how we publish video content that is guaranteed to be accessible".

    Rotterdam The Hague Metropool Area

    Communication Team

  • "Scribit helps us with an important task: making videos accessible through subtitling and audio description."

    Eindhoven (city)

    Media team

  • "Scribit.Pro ensures that children with an audio or visual disability can also participate in MediaMasters, just like all other children in the classroom."

    Sarah Heijmans

    Institute Image and Sound