Working at Scribit.Pro

Together we make the future accessible

Do you think everyone should be able to participate in society in the same way and, in the process, have the right to the same access to information that makes that possible?

Scribit.Pro is committed to digital accessibility and specialises specifically in making online videos accessible. Our software makes it possible to provide videos with additional support in a simple, accessible way, enabling everyone to engage appropriately with this video content. Examples include subtitling and/or sign language translation for people with an auditory impairment and audio description for people with a visual impairment. 

Moreover, with the addition of the above support features in our editor, the video will comply with video accessibility laws and regulations. 

If you work at Scribit.Pro, you are driven to make the future more accessible. What unites us is that everyone in the team shares the intrinsic motivation to contribute and to make the world a little more beautiful together.

We work on intuitive products, and with our service-oriented attitude, we can help organisations with our tools and services to make this step possible for all video releases. As a team, we are ready to help customers publish videos in a 100% accessible manner within 24 hours, if necessary.

Will you be our new colleague?

  • Business co-founder
  • Freelance visual translator (NL/EN)
  • Full Stack Developer

Are you up for a new challenge, and do you think you can help us? Are your hands itching to get started making the future more accessible? Then send your motivation letter and your CV to jobs@Scribit.Pro.

We prefer to be in direct contact with our potential new colleagues. We, therefore, do not appreciate it when other companies respond to this ad to offer their services.