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Are you a freelance visual language professional? 

We are looking for you.

Our team of pros makes online videos more accessible. As a Scribit Pro, you will help improve digital accessibility and work towards creating a more inclusive society. You can do this by providing customer videos with audio descriptions, captions and a transcript. 

What are we looking for?

We are looking for Pros who enjoy working with language and who have an excellent command of one of the following languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish or Italian. Someone who can interpret images and is able to recognise and clearly articulate essential visual information in the often limited time available. 

 Text and image are inextricably linked. Whether this is spoken text that is displayed in a subtitle, or an image that is described in an audio description, if they do not match, confusion arises. You watch a video through the eyes of the image-maker and understand the message this creator wants to convey. As a Scribit pro, you know how to perfectly combine text, sound and image.

The challenge

When a customer video arrives, you are ready to get started. You make a decision and take action. You will be judged on the results you achieve, and that doesn't put you off. Instead, you enjoy it, observe the result and learn from it. You can focus on your work and therefore work efficiently. 

You work independently and therefore have a good awareness of your responsibilities. You are fully dedicated to everything you commit to and feel morally obliged to see it through to successful completion. In the end, you have ultimate responsibility for the quality of the accessible information in the video, and you have the courage to assume it. You know how to translate videos clearly and effectively into image descriptions that perfectly express what can be seen. You help ensure that information sticks by using clear, evocative and lively language. You know the Dutch language through and through and you know how to create correct subtitles in understandable language. With your subtitling, audio description and alternative text, viewers with auditory, visual and/or cognitive impairments no longer have to miss a thing from the video. 

What can you expect from us?

As a freelance visual translator, you can work from home using our Scribit.Pro software to process client assignments that come in on an ad hoc basis. You will be paid every four weeks for the assignments you completed with a fixed fee per video that is linked to the length of the video. 

We are always ready to discuss matters with you. We work as a team. 

Do you see yourself as a good addition to our team here at Scribit Pros? Are your hands already itching to get started, and do you really like the sound of this challenge? We would very much like to meet you.

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