A non-visual art exploration with the Beeldspieker

17 September 2021  

Even if you have reduced or no eyesight, you can enjoy art . This illustrates the podcast De Beeldspieker by podcast maker Ferry Molenaar, who visits various museums to share his vision of art with the listeners. Ferry, herself completely blind, wants to show with this podcast that your eyes are not the only sense with which you can take in art. He takes you to the world of art and culture beyond the images.

A painting in words

I myself very sporadically visit a museum. Not all museums are fun for people with a visual impairment. This is especially true if you go to a museum that mainly exhibits paintings. For example, I was recently in the Van Gogh Museum, and that experience was a lot more fun because I was with a group of people who couldn't see it all (well) and we therefore got a special tour. A number of paintings were described in detail to us and at the end we even got a special exhibition that stimulated all our senses. We were allowed to touch and even smell things related to Vincent van Gogh. The Podcast De Beeldspieker does something similar. You will be taken on a non-visual tour through a museum, in which some works of art are described in detail. This not only discusses how they look, but also the deeper meaning behind them. Even if you are interested in art history, De Beeldspieker is the right place for you.

The story behind a painting often determines the value of the artwork more than what can be seen on the canvas. Who painted it? Why was it painted and when? Those questions are fun for all museum visitors to have an answer to, not just if you don't see them. A museum visit is therefore definitely worthwhile for someone who is blind, especially if someone knows the stories behind the paintings well and walks with you to describe them. Describing images well and clearly for the visually impaired is also an art in itself, which Ferry elaborates on in the podcast. 

Listen and learn

If you, as a visually impaired art lover, would like to know which cultural excursions you can make in the Netherlands, but also if you are curious about how people with a visual impairment experience art, the Beeldspieker is highly recommended. At every museum Ferry visits, he makes an 'atmosphere tasting' episode, in which it is also discussed how accessible a museum is and how best to reach it. This is useful, because this way you can quickly find out how fun, practical and feasible it is for you to visit the museum. Have you become curious about the stimulating, artistic stories that Ferry and Scribit.pro have to offer you through this podcast? More information and all episodes can be found at: www.Beeldspieker.nl or via your favorite podcast app.

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