Audio description: hearing what other people see

26 August 2021  

From the magazine Voluit (Bartimeus Fund) Do

People who are visually impaired or blind watch television? Visiting a museum or theater, is that useful if you see little or nothing? Yes certainly. Thanks to audio description!

What is audio description?

Audio description makes television series, films, theatre, museums and sporting events accessible to people who are visually impaired or blind. A voice describes between the dialogues what can be seen on the screen. What is described are, for example, characters, facial expressions and developments in the story or the course of the game. This extra explanation from a voice or interpreter makes it much easier to follow the story or the match.

Who is the mole?

There are not that many programs with audio description on Dutch television yet. The Bartiméus Fund, together with other interest groups, is committed to increasing this range. For example, one of our supporters' wishes was an audio description for 'Wie is de mol?'. And it worked! Meanwhile, 'Who is the mole?' already provided with audio description twice. And more and more people are discovering it, because twice as many people watched the second season with audio description than the first season. Marjolein is blind, mother of two children and a fan of 'Wie is de mol?'. 'Now I can participate just as fanatically as my daughter!'


Audio Description is not yet well known. Many people with a visual impairment are not yet familiar with it. Or know that there is audio description for TV series and films, but do not know that interpreters are available for theater performances or football matches. That is why the Bartiméus Fund will start a campaign in the autumn, together with our partners. We want to make sure more people discover and try audio description.

There is a lot to see and experience with audio description. The website offers an up-to-date overview of the complete range of audio description for television, cinema, online video, theatre, museums and sports. Take a look!

This article appeared in the magazine Voluit June 2021 of the Bartiméus Fund.


Audiodescriptie is nog niet zo bekend. Ook veel mensen met een visuele beperking kennen het nog niet. Of weten wél dat er audiodescriptie is bij tv- series en films maar weten niet dat er tolken zijn bij theatervoorstellingen of voetbalwedstrijden. Daarom start het Bartiméus Fonds in het najaar een campagne, samen met onze partners. We willen ervoor zorgen dat meer mensen audiodescriptie ontdekken en uitproberen.

Er is van alles te bekijken en te beleven met audiodescriptie. De website biedt een actueel overzicht van het complete aanbod audiodescriptie voor televisie, bioscoop, online video, theater, musea en sport. Neem eens een kijkje!

Dit artikel verscheen in het magazine Voluit Juni 2021 van het Bartiméus Fonds.

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