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2 March 2023  
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Adding audio description to YouTube videos is made easier with multilingual audio options

YouTube is taking new steps towards more accessibility. That sounds like music to our ears at Scribit.Pro. The platform has added a new feature: multilingual audio. As the first video platform, YouTube offers creators and content creators the ability to dub videos in languages other than the language in which the video was recorded. When uploading a video, the creator can choose from sound channels in different languages. The speakers and spoken audio in the video are then dubbed into that other language. Users can check in the settings of a video whether the video is also available with a different language sound channel. They can then follow the video in this other language.

With this brand new feature, YouTube videos become available to a larger group of users, which greatly improves accessibility. Even better news is that it also makes adding audio description much easier. After all, an image description is also a separate sound channel, outside the original sound track of a video. The implementation and provision of audio description for visually impaired or blind users becomes so much easier. Dutch is not yet available, but of course Scribit.Pro is on top of these developments and we will keep you up-to-date. Check our social media and you will always stay informed.

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