Come, we're going to peak images

14 June 2021  

Today launches the new podcast series 'Beeldspieker'. It is the kick-off of a series of podcasts, for really everyone who is interested in art and culture.

For each episode, podcast maker Ferry Molenaar takes a closer look at a work of art from a museum. Ferry is blind. He asks the right questions to get a good idea of ​​the work of art, even though he cannot see. The listeners experience that there is more than just looking at art. They receive extras and background information that they normally do not have access to. ScribitPro. Please note: this link opens in a new window provides audio, a sign language translation and a transcript via In this way she endorses the importance of image description and an inclusive world is one step closer!

Accessible to everyone

An 'insight into art' for everyone? Yes, for all art and culture lovers who can hear and see, but also for people with a visual or hearing impairment. The podcast is suitable for people who are visually impaired or blind because it describes what the artwork is about. People who are hard of hearing or deaf can absorb the information by watching sign language or by reading a transcript. The 'listener' therefore cheats with the artist, whether that is via audio, sign language or a transcript! In a nice conversation he/she learns more about the artist's intention and his/her underlying thoughts.

Escher in the Palace

In the first two episodes Ferry talks with Erik Kersten van Escher in the Palace in The Hague. They discuss the optical illusions of MC Escher: The woodcuts 'Relativity' and 'Ringslangen'.

To listen to via

The Podcast can be listened to via, Spotify, Apple podcast and Google podcast. The sign language and transcript can also be found on the website. New episodes are released every week.

The podcast was made possible in part by the Bartiméus Fund.

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