I'm watching AD! You too?

20 December 2021  

Watch a series on TV, watch the latest James Bond in the cinema or enjoy a musical in the theatre. Very simple if you can see well. But what if your vision is poor or if you are blind? Then you watch audio description, abbreviated AD. The campaign 'I watch with AD!' shows you what audio description is and how it expands your world. 

The AD Campaign introduces people to audio description and invites them to try AD. Audio description is an image description and tells what is to be seen between the dialogues. For example in TV series, films, theater and musical performances and in museums. The campaign will start on Monday 20 December with a joint starting signal by all partners involved. The campaign draws attention to the AD offer on social media and in radio spots. Experts by experience tell what AD means to them and there is an AD quiz with surprising AD fragments. Central to this is the renewed website AllesoveraudiodeScriptie.nl with the latest campaign news, practical information about AD and the complete range. 

'Great that AD exists'

Fenna is almost completely blind. On a Saturday afternoon in September, she went with her husband to the matinee performance of The Sound of Music in Carré. And not just for the beautiful songs. 'During the performance I listened to the live audio description of Kom het Zien!. That way I was able to follow the performance completely. It's great that audio description exists. Also for my husband who sees well. He doesn't have to explain anything to me and so he could enjoy the performance undisturbed.'  

Increasing awareness and use of AD

The campaign 'I look along with AD' is an initiative of the Bartiméus Fund and is conducted together with cooperation partners and almost all AD providers. Joeke van der Mei, director of the Bartiméus Fund: 'We know from research that a large group of people with a visual impairment are not yet familiar with audio description. Or don't know how to use AD. With this campaign we show what AD can mean for people who are visually impaired or blind. Try it and experience what it offers you.'

Widely supported

The campaign is widely supported by various cooperation partners: the Bartiméus Fund, Eye Association, Come to See!, Audiovisual Accessibility Foundation (Earcatch), Bartiméus, Dedicon, Koninklijke Visio, scribit.pro, Elke(in) and the Unlimited Reading Association.

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