The Christmas groceries of 2022

20 December 2022  

At this time of year, the annual Christmas commercials of the well-known supermarket and retail chains can be seen on television again. The Christmas videos of Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Lidl and the others seem to become more beautiful every year and longer!

The Christmas messages are true mini-movies. We see the well-known characters, who associate with the relevant chains, with their families in heartwarming domestic situations, which are not completely devoid of feelings of melancholy. Loneliness can play up more during the holidays than on other days. Joy and sadness can therefore be close together at Christmas. In the security of Christmas it becomes clear what is really important: connection with the people around you.

This message of inclusiveness is also Scribit.Pro's motto. We therefore think it is important that these Christmas advertisements are easy to follow for everyone. Scribit.Pro has made some of these winter Christmas commercials accessible with audio description, people with visual and/or cognitive disabilities can now also enjoy the Christmas commercials. Are you watching?

Freek, played by actor and comedian Alex Klaasen who succeeds colleague Thomas Acda, is the newest resident of the flat above the Lidl branch. Freek from Drenthe is struggling with his coming out, because his parents are sensitive about it. When Freek's partner Manuel shows up unexpectedly for Christmas dinner, the Christmas dinner turns out to be the place where disputes disappear like snow in the sun. Agency: Joe Public

Family man Bas from the Jumbo commercials, played by Frank Lammers, becomes wistful when he sees an old Christmas card on which he and his family pose with a homemade snowman. When he suggests making another snowman for Christmas, no one cares. Then he himself starts a new figure in the backyard. When Bas's wife and teenage children see how much the snowman does to him, they have a surprise in store for him. Agency: Alfred.

Aldi presents the viewer with a heartwarming scene around the Christmas party of a large family consisting of several generations. The Christmas message is accompanied by a Dutch song specially written for this production. The images and accompanying sung texts celebrate Christmas dinner, with all its annually recurring elements. Think of cooking stress, fiddling with Christmas decorations and the hope of snow. But also the loss of loved ones that form an empty place at the table and the hand on the shoulder that softens the sadness. Agency: Indie.

In this bittersweet Plus commercial, a teenage boy struggles with the loss of his father. His mother's new love, which she takes home more and more often, only makes the boy more rebellious. He is increasingly isolated from the rest of the family. Will the new housemates manage to get closer to each other so that they can celebrate Christmas together? After all, good food is eating together, according to the supermarket chain. Agency: Energize.

Albert Heijn takes a slightly different approach. Through the eyes of a child who looks at the things around him with fantasy and wonder, the world is transformed into a fairytale. With its Christmas video, the supermarket chain brings a bit of magic into everyday, domestic reality. Agency: TBWA/Neboko.

The wide range of admirable quality commercials from the big chains offers a hopeful look at the national video production landscape; a nice advance on a new year in which Scribit.Pro will once again, together with you, be committed to a more accessible digital Netherlands.

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