Embed your video

If you want to play your video in an accessible way on your website, you can do so with the embed code you can generate in your dashboard. Make sure you have saved your original video, the downloaded accessibility files and a thumbnail. You can then add the generated code to the HTML source code of your website at the desired location. Your video will then be shown in an accessible player that allows people to use the audio description, subtitles and alternative text.

How does that work?

If you embed the video using the code generated by Scribit.Pro, your video will be played using an iframe. This is a piece of HTML code that can call up a frame from another website and place it on your website. This iframe contains all the settings of the accessible player with which people can use the audio description, subtitles and alternative text. If we have an update for the player, you don't have to do anything. This will be done automatically by using the iframe.

What do you want me to do?

  • Generate your files in the "dashboard" by choosing "download". You will receive an email when they are ready. If you're going to host yourself, you'll need to download them and save them to your DNS or your website's media library. If we host for you, this is not necessary.
  • In the "dashboard" of your video, choose "embed".
  • Choose "hosting by Scribit.Pro".
  • Upload the .mp4 file of your video and thumbnail.
  • Choose "send".

Once your files have been uploaded, you can continue.

Specify the size in which you want to show your video (iframe). This will depend on your video. Also take into account the extra height for expanding the alternative text. For example, start with height 650 px and width 100%.

  • Copy the embed code.
  • Place the code in your website's HTML where you want to embed the video.
  • Check that your video is visible in its entirety, even if you expand the alternative text. Otherwise, adjust the dimensions of the iframe if desired. You can do this in the HTML code on your website. You don't have to go back to the "dashboard" of Scribit.Pro.

How do I know the size of the iframe?

To make the video fit nicely on your website, you can adjust the height and width of the iframe when you generate the embed code. When creating, you will then be asked to enter the height and width of the iframe. This may be done in pixels (e.g., 800 px) or a percentage (e.g., 50%). When setting the height of the iframe, make sure you leave enough space for the video with the expanded alternative text (assume about 200 px extra for the expanded block). The format of your video can vary enormously from website to website.

The width

If you enter the width in pixels, it will be indicated as a fixed size. This can cause problems when scaling your video. We therefore recommend specifying the width as a percentage. For example, if you specify 100% width, the player will take up 100% of the available space in the parent element (from the HTML).

The height

Height works the same way, except that the parent element in a website does not always have a minimum height, or the expanded window of the alternative text does not fit in there, for example. It is advisable to display the height in pixels. For example, start with 650 px and see if you can see the entire video with expanded alternative text. If it is not the optimum size, increase or decrease the number of pixels. You will have to play around with this the first time to see what works best for your website.

Still stuck?

Please contact us via support@Scribit.Pro.