Advocates speak out

For an accessible future, we need advocates, visionaries, people and organizations who pioneer and show the rest of society that it can be done, and how.

Who are those pioneers? What drives them? What lessons can we learn from them and what inspiration do they offer? We have spoken with some of these advocates and are happy to share their passionate stories with you in our series of magazines.

In the first edition we speak with:

  • Michiel Muller – Co-founder Picnic
  • Jake Abma – Chief Accessibility ING
  • Mariska Noorloos en Joost Nagtzaam – NS
  • Ida van Asselt en Carla Cornelissen – HAN Hogeschool
  • Rick Brink – Minister of Disability Affairs
Download here magazine 1 as a PDF file

In the second edition we speak with:

  • Jan Jaap de Groot en Paul van Workum – Foundation Appt
  • Karin Stiksma – Community Accessible recreation
  • Ferry Molenaar – Podcast creator
  • Lisa Hinderks en Eva Westerhoff
  • Patricia Bolink – Municipality Deventer

In the third edition we speak with:

  • Elvera van Leeuwen – Foundation Oren en Ogen Tekort
  • Marlies Klooster – Association of Dutch Municipalities
  • Marianne Dijkshoorn – Speaker and event advisor
  • Niels van Buren – Swink
  • Marjolein van den Broek – Arnhem platform for the chronically ill and disabled
  • Ludmila Menert – Readspeaker
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Are you curious what you can do to contribute to an accessible future?

You too can contribute to better accessibility of videos. By delving into the subject you can get started yourself, or you can call on our PROs and we will help you make your videos accessible.