Publishing accessible content

You can display videos on a website in various ways. It's important to offer videos in an accessible way. The choice of video player is important in this regard. Not every player meets accessibility requirements (just like that).

Scribit.Pro offers several options for publishing videos in an accessible manner.

Scribit.Pro videoplayer

With Scribit.Pro's free accessible video player, you can make your video accessible. The audio description, subtitles, sign language and alternative text can then be switched on and off while watching the video. 

You can choose whether you want to host the video and the accessible files yourself (free of charge) or Scribit.Pro can host the video files for you (hosted subscription).

I want to use the video player

YouTube or Vimeo widget

If you want to show the videos on your website from YouTube, there is not yet an option to upload the audio description produced here. Scribit.Pro has come up with a solution for this: the YouTube widget. By adding a piece of code to your website, additional buttons will be added when loading a YouTube video. An "AD" button is offered here and it is possible to expand the alternative text.

This should look like:

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