There are many different types of videos that all require a different approach to be made accessible. In some videos, the message is only visualized visually. You do not have to subtitle this, but you do have to provide it with audio description.

Sometimes there is a lot of talking and you don't have the space to say much in an audio description. Then you are just working on the subtitles and description of sounds.

These first examples are a nice combination of subtitling and audio description together. And give a nice impression what you can tell.

The buttons below the video player enable and disable the various accessibility options; subtitles, audio description and the text alternative.

If you really want to make a video accessible, sign language is also part of it. Scribit.pro can also offer that if people use a player like ours. Then an extra button will appear under your video player with which you can activate the sign language and that will look like the following video.