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To be able to offer a video in an accessible manner, the video player must comply with a number of accessibility rules. For example, it must be easy to operate with all supporting software. Our accessible video player meets all these requirements. You can request this player and easily implement it on your own website.

The video player will look like this:

At the bottom right, you can choose to turn on the audio description using the "AD" button. During the video, at the moments when there is no speech in the video, it will then narrate what can be seen on screen. This is narrated by a synthetic voice from Readspeaker.

If you choose the "CC" button, the subtitles will be displayed.

Below the video, there is the possibility to expand the alternative text. Here, the full information from the video can then be read in text.

Download the player

The video player is easy to place on your own website. The accessible files that you can download from Scribit.Pro can be put in the correct places in the code. This makes every video accessible, no matter what device you use to access it.

After completing the form below, you will receive a link to the code of the video player on our website. There you will also find the instructions so you can publish it on your website yourself.

Do you show videos on your website from YouTube or Vimeo? Then our Vimeo or YouTube widget is the solution to make your videos accessible.

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